Music that has influenced and shaped…me!

Just thought I would share some of the music that has influenced me over the years and played a part in shaping who I am…let me know yours too! Enjoy….

Ah Nee Mah – Spirit of the Canyon
The Whole Album!

Coming Up Close – Til Tuesday
– in fact so many of Aimee’s…what about love…and she is still touring:
Thanks to Lynn for introducing me so many years ago…

Train – Drops of Jupiter

Tuulet (The Winds) by Tellu
from the album Wizard Women of the North
Tuulet (The WInds)

Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meatloaf

Reminds me of sixth form in the common room, listening to the whole Bat Out Of Hell album on VINYL, yes VINYL!

Linger – Cranberries
I first heard this when I was in Africa one evening on the radio in 1994 as the crickets chirped, birds were settling for bed as the big equatorial sun was going down and thought…what a beautiful track – I was right!

How You Remind Me – Knickelback
Never seen them live, but would love to – one of Amy’s favourite too…

I Ran from 1982 by A Flock of Seagulls

My youth awakening…and the inspiration for my first band – U Turn!
<a href="” title=”I Ran – Flock of Seagulls 1982″ target=”_blank”>

Stella Getz – Dr Love – Kimball Collins
Love trance and found this whilst in Flagstaff one day, talking to guys in a second hand shop about what was rave in the US for trance, put this music to the fireworks one year as our celebration evening at Bonsall Carnival – lush!

Greece 2000 – Paul Oakenfold
( in fact the whole Tranceport album!)
As above, need I say more?

Safety Dance by Men Without Hats – 1982
What a year…And it does still…make me dance…

Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
Seen the minds live loads…just can’t get enough – although that is good too! (Depeche Mode)

Nothing Compares 2U – Sinead O’Connors
Hypnotic vocals – reminds me of sailing across the med under a big blue sky on a Moody 38′ yacht!

Wicked Game – Chris Isaak
Have tried to learn to play this with the same passion many times and failed…

Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply

Another classic that was also one of Amy’s favourites…

And last but by no means least for this post…
Cowboy Junkies…so many good choons, thanks to Linda for introducing me – how about this little ditty:
Anniversary Song:

Will add more as they come to me and the spirit moves me…


About Andie Brazewell

Working with the profit and not-for-profit sectors of society, I am a Director, Business Development Consultant, Event Manager, Trainer, Facilitator and Expedition Leader.
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