Amazon 2012 Expedition

Rio Yanayaquillo - in the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

Rio Yanayaquillo - in the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

Leading an expedition has many rewards – not least of which is the incredible journey of development and understanding that your expedition colleagues get from such a thought provoking, mind opening and challenging experience. The Amazon is the one place on the planet where combining biological, cultural and personal adventures takes on cosmic proportions. The scale of the rainforest, the diversity of it’s inhabitants (whether human, flora or fauna) and the remoteness of locations, demand the explorer to wake up, listen and take care of this vast but fragile environment. If you are going to visit such places around the planet, do it sustainably, in an ethically and morally responsible way. Planning and preparing a science research expedition, working with local Cocama-cocamillas native people deep within the Amazon at the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve is a great honour. As Chief Leader on the BSES Amazon Expedition, I have no doubt that this will be a life changing experience for all involved, and am indebted to BSES for providing this opportunity for all of us to grow.

Whilst I was in the village of San Martin de Tepishca, I had the pleasure of working with and discussing a project that the local Cocama are keen to develop in creating a tree nursery for those trees that are most exploited and often the highest value. There is a large area that is already put aside to use for this nursery, but they require funds for the purchase of materials and continue to develop the project to replace and replant these species into the surrounding Pacaya-Samiria Reserve.

Their commitment to preserving the forest is unquestionable, their understanding of the need to use the forest sustainably is second to none and this tree nursery would form part of this sustainable use of the forest as a resource. I am setting up a fund for anyone to participate in this project by donating £10 (or equivalent) which will pay for the planting, nursing and replanting of a native tree back into the forest, and in so doing, provide valuable funds for this important part in a complex ecosystem. All money donated will go directly to the project in San Martin this summer. If you would like to help this project, email me at for further details. In the meantime, I look forward to working with a great leader team, young explorers and our Peruvian counterparts yet again this summer. Myself and the Chief Scientist, Christine Wilson will be going out to meet many of our counterparts in February to start the process of planning an ethically responsible expedition.

Plant a seedling, create an ecosystem

Seedlings for native trees, create an ecosystem


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