Kylie Pentelow helps preserve our historic building

Kylie Pentelow of the BBC

Kylie Pentelow at the Grand Pavilion

The Grand Pavilion Group was set up in February 2010 and we have already made good progress towards saving this iconic building. The future use includes a theatre, live performance, arts and exhibition space, cinema, community room, cafe and much more.

Kylie Pentelow came to film a peice for East Midlands Today, about lost heritage and in particular the part that the local community are playing in supporting and developing this project to save the Grand Pavilion and develop an arts and entertainment centre. Our supporting group, the Friends of the Grand Pavilion now number over 800, and it is growing from strength to strength every week. The committee look to our Friends Group for ideas of future use for the building and spaces, fundraising and general help in putting on events that depict its future use at local supportive venues such as the Temple and Fishpond Hotels.

Kylie interviewed many of the key people in the project including Charles Beresford, Ken Smith, India Davies, Gregor Macgregor, Cllr Geoff Stevens and myself, to get a good idea as to how this project was going to come to fruition.

Ken Smith interviewed by Kylie Pentelow

Ken Smith interviewed by Kylie Pentelow

Grand Pavilion Theatre

Grand Pavilion Theatre - artists impression

Should anyone from around the world wish to support or even have memories of this iconic building, please send them to
Further information can be found at

Here is the link for Kylie’s piece about the Pavilion (it starts at about 14’30” mins in)


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