Band Xplosion at the Fishpond Ballroom

Band Xplosion is launching again in the Derbyshire Area on June 26th 2009 at the Fishpond Ballroom, Matlock Bath. Here is some information about what
to expect and what the concept is all about:

Band Xplosion – the myths and legends…

The philosophy behind Band Xplosion is:

To promote local bands within the Derbyshire

To provide them with the opportunity to play to
an audience and learn from it

To have the support of professional sound and
technical engineers

Band Xplosion is a
growing group of people who are keen to keep music live at its grass roots
level by providing an outlet and support for new, unsigned bands to move on and
develop. It is up to the bands to promote their gig to friends and family, not
just the organisers to get the audience.

What we will provide for the bands:

The venue – this is the Upstairs Ballroom, Fishpond, Matlock Bath and includes a licensed Bar.

We will deal with the venue for all matters
concerning Band Xplosion, all future dealings with the venue are for the band
to discuss.

There will be a FULL 3.5k PA rig including, front
line speakers, monitor speakers, mixer desk, 3 mics, lighting and sound engineers.

A drum riser and small stage for the band to
play on.

At the end of the night, takings will be split
between the bands equally less a £50 charge for the hire of the PA and sound

What we expect from the bands:

A commitment to the philosophy by sharing
knowledge withother bands, offering services, and help promoting the gigs.

At the very least a demo disc of their music and
a commitment to get the required practice in for about 30-45 minutes worth of

All bands will need to bring their own back line
of guitar amps etc. or be willing to share by prior arrangement.

Co-operation on the night to be ready and

Any further questions can be put to the organisers at the
following email addresses:

Ted Morris –

Andie Brazewell –

Band Xplosion Events

Or through the MySpace website at:


About Andie Brazewell

Working with the profit and not-for-profit sectors of society, I am a Director, Business Development Consultant, Event Manager, Trainer, Facilitator and Expedition Leader.
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