Grand Canyon overview

The Grand Canyon – by no means a small feat of nature, will host
another expedition for YSES in 2010 to follow in the footsteps of many
who have gone before… The expedition party will be split into three
teams for the first trekking phase. This will take the teams down from
the Canyon Rim to the Colorado River over an eleven day period.
Expeditioners need to be fit, healthy and ready for the challenges on
this breath taking experience of a lifetime.

The teams link with the National Park to complete survey and project
work that has been instigated by past expeditions. The wilderness
trekking requires teams to be self sufficient with their food and
water. Temperatures in the canyon itself can soar to over 50 deg
Celcius! Although technically a desert environment, there is a bounty
of flora and fauna to be seen, with remarkable sunsets, and spectacular

Having been comprehensively briefed and kitted up, the team then
heads to Lees Ferry for an awesome eleven day descent of the Colorado
by oar raft. Supported by experienced raft guides, we follow the
historic trip down through the geological eras. With a trip planned
every day up side canyons, caves and to enormous waterfalls, the
stories will be told for many years to come of trepidation, wonder and

We will see the settlements of Anasazi indians as our journey
follows the red rivers course, all to the sound of the canyon wren. The
cost of this trip will be in the region of £3600 for a months trip,
including all flights, transfers to Grand Canyon village, food, rafting
kit and staff. There will be plenty of support to raise funds, and we
are planning to have some skills training, orientation and
familiarisation weekends in 2009 to prepare the intrepid team.


About Andie Brazewell

Working with the profit and not-for-profit sectors of society, I am a Director, Business Development Consultant, Event Manager, Trainer, Facilitator and Expedition Leader.
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