Mongolia 2008 – First phase update

Team  Zebra – Horse trekking

We loaded up the horses and set off for Khatgal at about 10
o’clock. We stopped in Khatgal for some food supplies to add to the fresh
mutton from 2 days before. It wasn’t long after Khatgal that we found ourselves
trotting through magnificent coniferous taiga.
The woods and hills of the Mongolian wilderness south of Lake Khovsgol were so
peaceful that we almost failed to notice the locals who had arrived on a
motorbike who offered us some blueberries, they were delicious!

The highlight of the following day was the atmosphere around
the campsite in the evening. Everyone sat around a healthy campfire, roasting
marshmallows on sticks, laughing and joking and sharing stories in the crisp dusk.
It was a real testament to every member of ‘Team Zebra’, memories of which
really capture the essence of camping in the Mongolian wilderness.

On the final day, Will had an
early breakfast with our wranglers, who doodled in his sketchbook and chatted
about their way of life. The team arrived back at base camp later that evening
fully satisfied and with high spirits, eagerly awaiting the next challenge on
the water.

Will, Rich, Sarah, Laura, Amy,
Rosie, Sharu & Paul.


Team Party – Canoeing

We were the first group who got the chance to get on to the
water.  We aimed for an early start, 9pm
but after some major training from Chris didn’t end up leaving till 10.  It didn’t matter though because, after a
short session a few days earlier, “team party” were off gaining lost time.  We made our way across the lake and round
some impressive bays.  We then stopped
for lunch at a grassy spot with great views of the mountainous side of the
lake.  After the lunch stop we made our
way along the coast (unfortunately with a lot of head wind) to a beautiful spot
of land sticking out from the lake.  The
only bad thing was the fact it was so beautiful that there were many speed
boats coming across the lake to visit us! 
Eventually the boats stopped and we were left to sit by our camp fire
with many bags of marshmallows produced. 
After a long day we settled into our tents for a great nights sleep,
with the slight breeze we were saved from an attack of the insects! 

On the second day we set off at about 10am, for a hard
paddle across a 6km wide part of the lake. 
When we reached the middle we decided to group up and put up a sail.  That was when the wind decided to stop.  With Heather and Claire standing up and
holding the sail, the rest of the group were able to relax with a swiss roll!  When we finally reached the other side we
stopped for a short lunch, which then ended in everyone falling asleep for half
an hour.  With everyone feeling revived
after a sunny “chill-ax” more sun cream was applied and we moved on to reach
our spot for the night.  On a small cliff
side with no midges and a flat space we then decided to set up camp.  Most people then took the chance to sleep
under a tarpaulin, named “taarrpp” by Will, but some were put off by James

On our third day we then went off to “lonely bay”  to stop for a lunch of noodle soup and then headed
back to base camp.  We were greeted by
the walkers and had a major washing session after a few smelly days!  When camp was set up we all remised on a
great few days and looked forward to some walking with some even more glorious

Lots and lots of love from,

Ella, Helen, James, Claire, Heather, Will and Andie! xxxxx


Team FAFF – Trekking

We loaded up the horses with our tents and food with our
main rucsacks upon our backs. The wranglers thought we were rather crazy
carrying our rucsacks instead of using the pack horses.

We had 3 wranglers with us and 8 horses (5 pack horses and 3
which the wranglers rode).  Most of the
horses were lead by the wranglers apart from one which we named Boris who was
loose. He caused a lot of entertainment over our three day hike as he kept
running of with our tents in load. Dowaho one of the wranglers was extremely friendly
and helpful. He would always check we were alright and stop if we needed a
break. The walking itself wasn’t that strenuous but aloud us time to observe
the beautiful scenery around us. Really breathtaking.

Our camps were perfectly chosen with water sources and our
last camp was next to the lake and so we all went for a swim. It was extremely
cold but it’s clear ice appearance was very appealing. From Mongolian lake
Hovsgal translates to Blue Ice which is no over statement. In all the hiking
was very enjoyable we had good weather in our favour. Everyone really enjoyed
the wild camping and it’s ashamed it was over so quick.

Untill next time, Ta Ta for now. Team Faff xxxx(Allie,
Patti, Wendy, Olivia, Louise, Kathy and Lilly)



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