Mongolia 2008 Training Weekend – Report of Horton by Ella


Friday – Luckily on the first
night most people arrived before dark and the weather wasn’t particularly bad.
After everyone got their tents up (which didn’t take to long) the group were
able, due to no rain, to sit outside for a group chat. 

group found out that the visit to the orphanage had been cancelled, and put a
downer on many or the group. 

The group then
talked about the reasons why they were disappointed and what they thought that
they would miss about not going to the orphanage. 

came along the good news of visiting a eco-friendly village (of 200) in the
North of Mongolia for 12 days.    We’ll
be there to help develop eco-tourism and work with different families for the
time.  This means that the group will be
living with families (in twos at least) and may not meet as a group for this
whole time. 

whole group saw this as a bonus and the bad news had been replaced by something
that was everything and more that the orphanage was to be. Due to the light and
the good weather, Friday night seemed to be a success all round!

Saturday – The group woke up to
snow covering their tents on Saturday! 
Everyone got up soon after sun rise and made a hot breakfast to set us
up for the day.  The group then got ready
for a walk, but the warm empty café was the first stop!  The group (except for Will, who was banned
from touching any mapping material for the weekend) then planned the route they
were going to take up Pen-y-gent.  After
numerous hot drinks the group set off surprisingly happy and warm. 

took the group about two hours to reach the summit with lots of “5 minutes
fafs” on the way which normally were cut to “3 minute fafs” so that the group
could be a distance long enough away to avoid to army of children ascending
behind us!  We then took a steady route
back down, incorporating some heavy hail/snow/wind/rain attacks on the way.

the walk to group discussed their ideas for personal projects with Paul and,
with everyone’s help, most of the group members came to some final conclusion
about their personal projects.  When the
group got back to the village most were tired and a bit hungry.  The group then split about in two, with some
going to the café and some going back to the campsite for noodles and general
food.    After about an hour the group
re-congregated in the café and made a plan for the rest of the day. 

task was set for two teams to make quizzes around the village for the other
team to complete.  After a pretty
successful “mission” the group came together to organise camp for the night and
cook evening meals.  The leaders then
went for a meal and the group was left to fend for themselves…  The leaders were disappointed to have missed
an attempted karaoke competition and a conga around the campsite.  By the time the leaders got back, the group
had mostly gone to bed to get good nights sleep. 

Sunday – Most
of the group left the packing up of tents until later on, as they went to warm
up in the café.  After that the group, after some rice pudding
(!!), did some team activities.  I
thought the group worked really well together. 

had to plan the activity before we carried it out.  When we did it once, we had to think about
how we could improve the way we did it, and each time we worked closer together
and improved our scores.    After this
the group completed their quiz’s from yesterday, packed up their tents, and
went home for a nice long bath!  


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Working with the profit and not-for-profit sectors of society, I am a Director, Business Development Consultant, Event Manager, Trainer, Facilitator and Expedition Leader.
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