Mongolia 2008 – Project update

For those of you that missed the last training weekend, here is a brief update on the project for phase two. We no longer are linking to the orphans in the Terelj National Park – the main reason for this is that the Director of the orphanage believes that many of them will be back in UB by the time we now get to the park and feels that we would not get teh best benefit from the link. This was a disappointment to all teh leader team as I am sure it will be for you, however, there is nothing we can do to make this any easier.
We do have another project that we have agreed to in principle, and I am still planning some of the logistics for this. For this reason, please do NOT contact the project direct yet – not least of which because they will not know who you are. It is imperative to the success of this project that everyone wait until we have our agreements and details set up before we can get you in touch for projects etc.
For those not there at the weekend – here is a summary:
We are linking with an eco-community in the Northern Mongolia region near to Lake Khovsgol and surrounding Tsaggannuur (a small town , central to the community). They are indigenous to the area and have their own language. They are reindeer nomads, living in teepees, and have about 200 families in total in the community. They have a website, which you can research and find out about them, their way of life and location – (For comparison, and those who would like to find out more of a reindeer community nearer home, look up Saami Tribe of Scandinavia to find out more about a modern community way of life – their art, songs, traditions and nomadic lifestyle are well documented, there was even a programme on them the other day) We will be staying with families in small groups, but not necessarily in their teepees. We will be eating, living, herding and sharing our cultures, ideas for eco-tourism, and our stories.
You can send your ideas for a project to Allie and Claire, as they will be collating your ideas, and helping to develop them into something of value and that will add to your experience. I know we spent a lot of time talking to each of you at the weekend to develop these, and once we have everyone’s in, we will put them on this blog.
I will publish an updated itinerary that includes this new project soon.
The community have requested that as an eco-community, they welcome tourism as long as it has no impact or change to their way of life. A dilemna for many communities, unless they are pro-active about it such as the Tsaatan. We will be eating with them, and they will be payed for this, although the more you help with the day to day chores and way of life, the more time you will have to do other things and share skills and experiences.
We will share more at the next training weekend and as the plans progress I will post onto the blog and distribute a regular update by email.

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